PD Awareness Days

A PD Awareness Day with a Baxter Account Executive provides an opportunity for patients to learn about Peritoneal Dialysis (PD), ask questions and gain comfort with the general idea. Schedule now.

When should you schedule a PD Awareness Day?

If either of these conditions holds true, your clinic is in a good position to benefit from a PD Awareness Day:
  • If the clinic is nearing chair capacity, it might be time to launch or expand a PD program
  • If a PD program is new with lower penetration or there is a desire to grow a more established program, a PD Awareness Day may help increase interest


What will happen before, during and after the event?

  • In-service day: Prior to the event, your Baxter Account Executive (AE) will educate Hemodialysis staff about PD, familiarize PD staff about materials and help identify possible patients to talk to. It is also an opportunity for the AE to see the facility, determine appropriate strategies, and find out from staff what approaches they prefer and allow
  • PD Awareness Day: Whether you choose a chair-to-chair approach or a set-up in the lobby, the Baxter AE and, ideally, a patient who has switched to PD will talk to patients and present and leave appropriate materials. The AE may bring demonstration equipment
  • Follow-up action: The Baxter AE will follow up with the nephrologist and PD nurse to learn which patients would be interested in talking more or participating in other PD learning activities

Request your PD Awareness Day.

An opportunity for patients to learn about PD.