The pre-dialysis education benefit is good for your patients and your practice

Legislation established a Medicare benefit for pre-dialysis education regarding modality choices. You can bill Medicare for face-to-face, pre-End-Stage Renal Disease education sessions for patients in Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD).1

Patients that are informed about their options can make choices that better fit their own needs and can work more effectively in partnerships with their care teams. Both transplantation and survival rates increase in proportion to a new patient's involvement in decisions relating to their care.2

Who can administer the sessions?

Physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants or clinical nurse specialists can conduct the sessions.1

What type of information is covered?

The content of the sessions must include information on prolonging kidney function, as well as treatment options—In-center Hemodialysis, PD, Home Hemodialysis and transplant.1 Comprehensive information regarding options for renal replacement therapy, management of co-morbidities and prevention of uremic complications is to be included.1

Baxter can help

Baxter's Clinical Educators are available to help you determine infrastructure and staffing models, as well as to help train your staff on patient education techniques. In addition, a broad portfolio of educational resources can be ordered in a variety of media.

Billing process

For more information on the billing of this service, please contact your local Medicare carriers/intermediaries or your Part A/Part B Medicare Administrative Carrier.
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Medicare reimburses for pre-dialysis patient education.