How to help dialysis patients go home

Whether you would like to launch or enhance a home dialysis program, the primary concern for patients with End-Stage Renal Disease is to treat the disease effectively while treating the individuals compassionately. Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) can offer your patients clinical advantages, as well as greater satisfaction with their treatment.

Clinical advantages include early survival advantages,1 better preservation of residual kidney function,2–4 a lower rate of hospitalizations for serious infections1 and preservation of vascular access sites. Patient satisfaction is reflected in an improvement of outcomes when dialysis patients are engaged in choosing their modality,5 as well as in the enhanced perceived quality of care when patients have flexibility that recognizes their unique lifestyle.6

How to identify, talk to and support home dialysis candidates

Communicating information about PD to your patients can be challenging. The resources here will help you:
  • Identify potential PD candidates
  • Talk to patients about switching to PD or starting dialysis on PD
  • Support patients who choose to go home

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Treat the disease effectively while treating the individuals compassionately.