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Peritoneal Membrane Physiology and Prescription Management

Prescribing chronic PD therapy is part science and part art. The science of the prescription is in the understanding of the patient’s membrane transport status, ultrafiltration and adequacy requirements, and residual kidney function. The art of a PD prescription is in designing a regimen that supports long-term therapy maintenance. This presentation will review salient concepts to achieving an appropriate prescription and ensure long-term success on PD.

Upon completion of this session, you will be able to:

  • Describe the PET and ultrafiltration profiles
  • Identify PD prescription goals
  • Discuss the relationship between aquaporins and sodium sieving to a PD prescription
  • Tailor a PD prescription to an individual patient’s peritoneal vascularity
  • Formulate prescription strategies to membrane preservation and long-term therapy maintenance

Live Webinar Series

Presented by Steven Guest, MD
Director, Medical Consulting Services
US Renal Marketing
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Deerfield, Illinois

Tuesday, October 9th 2018


9:30 AM PST, 10:30 AM MST, 11:30 AM CST 12:30 PM EST event duration-1 hour

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018


12:30 PM PST, 1:30 PM MST, 2:30 PM CST, 3:30 PM EST event duration-1 hour

Wednesday, October 10th, 2018


10:30 AM PST, 11:30 AM MST, 12:30 PM CST, 1:30 PM EST event duration-1 hour